Bangkok: Asia’s Startup Hub

Who would have guessed that the capital of Thailand has a thriving startup scene? Believe us, it definitely does. In the last couple of years, we’ve seen an immense growth in companies moving their headquarters to Bangkok.

It’s not only because Bangkok offers cheap rent and affordable costs of co-working spaces, but also a thriving startup community. This gives other like-minded entrepreneurs a chance to network with each other. You also can’t beat the amazing lunch spots to take clients to and the variety of street food found throughout the city.

Who are the growing startup companies in Bangkok that are helping create this successful community? We provide an in depth look into 7 companies making it happen in the city and how they’re giving Bangkok the title of “Asia’s Startup Hub.”



SKOOTAR is an incredible app that is designed to help other startups and large businesses. They link the user with a motorbike messenger who can deliver paperwork, documents, packages, and other carrier to their desired client. The user can track where the messenger is going with the app ensuring that their delivery arrives quickly and smoothly to their client. The app also allows users to rate the messenger so other users can easily find the perfect messenger to deliver their package.


  1. Wishbeer

This startup provides another great reason why you should consider moving your startup to Bangkok. Wishbeer offers a beer delivery service all around the golden city. Not only can you receive amazing craft beer at the foot of your doorstep, you can also have ciders, whiskey, and other alcoholic beverages. Had a great morning and wanting to treat your office to some beer? Consider using Wishbeer to have a speedy beer run.


  1. ClaimDi

In a city with a lot of motorbikes, cars, taxi drivers, and crazy traffic, you will experience a lot of crazy driving. If you’re ever in an accident, ClaimDi is the best free app to download in a pinch. ClaimDi provides an easy way to get auto claim information from the other driver and allows you to easily send a report to your insurance company. If you also need roadside assistance, the app also secures your a safe ride to your destination. Who would’ve guessed this started in Bangkok?



  1. Dot Property

Dot Property’s motto is “moving Asia online,” and they’re doing a fantastic job. They are literally moving people throughout Asia through their online real estate platform. If you’re thinking about buying a new house, selling or renting your property, or looking into commercial property, Dot Property can help. After launching in 2013, they now have property portals in 9 ASEAN countries and seem to be growing. Shopping for a luxurious home or apartment to rent is easier than ever. If you’re planning to relocate to Asia soon, you should check out the listings they have to offer.



  1. Very Local Trip

This travel startup is making it easier for English speaking and French speaking travelers to book local tours in Asia. Although they’re based in Bangkok, users can book tours in Laos, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia, and more. Very Local Trip allows locals to create their own tour to advertise to eager travelers looking to escape the typical tourist experience. This will be your go-to travel app for booking more authentic tours that are personalized and sincere.


  1. GetLinks

If you’re a startup that has just moved in the Bangkok space, GetLinks will be one of your favorite recruitment platforms. It’s a startup that’s dedicated in linking entrepreneurs with the best developers, designers, and digital marketers. It’s also helping to hire talented people in the tech industry for incredible startup jobs in Asia. If you’re looking for a company that can help you recruit a few new team members in Asia, this is definitely one of the best platforms.


  1. Eatigo

This app was the winner at the 2015 Rice Bowl Startup Awards as the best Digital/Online Startup of the Year. This amazing enterprise allows users to make reservations at restaurants while providing discounts in real-time to the user. If a restaurant is not as full as it would like to be, it will provide more discounts to the user so the user quickly book a table. Eatigo has helped solve the problem of under-booking for many restaurants around Bangkok and other Asian cities.

We hope you found this guide to the best Bangkok startups useful in your search for a new work location (or even better apps). There’s still more growing room in the startup scene here, so don’t hesitate to fly over and see for yourself.


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